Family burial chamber

In the included sketch is a principal model for a single familial burial chamber.
The structure is made of sealed, reinforced concrete.
The doors and shelves are galvanized iron
The chests are GRC concrete
The structure area is 9.75 square meters, the same as 2 units in natural burial. The heights is 3.8 meters.

חלל קבורה משפחתי

The structure can be positioned in any place; open or covered in earth.
The structure can hold 48 chests for the deceased’s bones, as well as a place to lay the dead for a year, until the time of the gathering of bones and their placement in the chest.
This model is meant for rural areas, where with a small expense and the simple procedure of the community’s rabbi’s approval, it is possible to build a family burial chamber.
According to tradition, laying the deceased for the first year until the gathering of the bones was done outside the space in which the bones of the departed were assembled in the chests. As the sketch of this communal burial chamber shows, it is both possible and recommended to add such a space.