Questions and Answers

Why are you dealing with this sensitive subject?
Just like with the creation of man, done in secret, so is with his departure,
Just like the creation of man is done in the womb of the mother, so is the return of man to his origin,
Inside the family burial chamber, that resembles the womb of mother earth.
And so, the burial chamber’s opening is very small, fitting human passage only narrowly without light or air vents,
And there’s no entry into it except for the needs of the deceased on the burial day,
And after a year on the day of the gathering of the bones, and only for two people for a limited time.

What is the fundamental change in this form of burial, compared to the methods used today?
As we have said before, only good things are said about Israel, and any changes will take place in steps determined by the Creator, and cannot be done unless done willingly and consensually.
The changes are in the spiritual- faith aspect and in the practical aspect, as written: “the hearts follow the deeds”
Meaning, the burial is an expression of the way of life. The purpose of life in the absolute knowledge that we are all the children of the world’s Creator-
He brought us into this world, He sustains us and gives us our families, and he takes us back to him as He wishes-
A feeling of humility and worthlessness in the face of the almighty appears then in man; there is no meaning in this world to the deceased body, and the familial burial chamber
Is the adjoining place between the proper respect and the body which carries the soul in this world in its demise,
And which allows the soul to return to its maker without “interference” from this world.
“it is decreed that the dead shall be forgotten”, “it is not the dead who praise the lord”
The main thing is to worship the Lord while you are living in this physical world. Today, this trend requires strengthening and explanation in both the practical and spiritual aspects.

What is the practical advantage in this form of burial?
The first advantage- that the burial chamber is familial. The living person, who is aware of the fact that their day will come and that they will be gathered to their family, lives their practical life differently.
The second- modesty. The chambers are made of cast concrete, are dug in the ground, and/or are covered with earth and fit into their surroundings.
The third- substantial savings in land use, up to 20 more than today’s wall vaults, as well as substantial financial savings.
The fourth- real proximity and relation between the family’s living quarters and the familial burial chamber, through which comes the connection between household and land,
And the advancement and facilitation of the division into tribes speedily in our own days.
As a result, the added advantage of the abolition of military cemeteries and cemeteries for the privileged, as well as the annulment of burial around the temple to be built speedily in our own days.

And what are the spiritual advantages?
The first- canceling the direct physical connection to the deceased’s burial place, in favor of knowledge and burial of the entire family in one place.
The second- the accompaniment and gathering of the deceased’s relatives is done not in the cemetery, as is accustomed today, but nearby.
The third- the knowledge that this burial procedure is based on our religion, is fitting to the people of Israel in the land of Israel, and maintains the sanctity of the land towards those living in it.

How to you propose to apply this?
The process is complex on the one hand, and easy to execute on the other hand.
It is complex mostly on the conscious change aspect, that we must undergo, and mainly the involved parties- the leaders- the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and the Ministry of Religious Services.
It is simple to execute because technically, the knowledge for immediate execution already exists.
We will work in conjunction with the Chief Rabbinate and the Ministry of Religious Services in a manner of persuasion and diplomacy.
In addition, we will address small communities who have the ability to decide internally to allow families who desire to, to build their own family burial chambers,
And thus recreate our days of yore. All this with the approval of the community’s rabbi, and according to the rituals specified above.

What do you expect of me?
We ask for everyone’s help in any way.
In practical discussion and clarification in any forum of this topic, on all its aspects and complexities, and in preventing the silencing of the discussion in this matter.
In practical execution of the construction of family burial chambers in anyone’s residence.
In organizing lectures on the topic, to be accompanied with presentations, in order to explain and persuade.
In assistance with the legal, ritual planning of family burial chambers.
And of course, in monetary donations, so that we may be able to affect the people of Israel to return to their origins “and the good Lord will do as He will.”